We want to be completely transparent with you about our plans and news! Of course, we will keep many secrets!


Official start of the project

Opening of the mansion · Discord

Creation of the website


Public roadmap

Contact area

On-site pre-registrations!

On-site dev-blog

On-site pre-launch reward system

Multi-language site


Huge secret announcement.

More things soon...


Closed alpha opening. You'll be able to play this summer!

More things soon...

Current objectives

— Creation of a community around play-by-post and Minimal Roleplay.

— Recruiting allies to share this adventure with us and help us with community development.

— Search for role-playing games creator to include theirs in Minimal Roleplay.

— Search for project sponsors.

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A text-based, synchronous or asynchronous, online role-playing service aiming to replace forums and Discord dedicated to role-playing games, by offering an interface and ergonomic tools perfectly adapted to the needs of game masters and players.