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Our closed
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@illuday · Nov 01, 2023 · 3 minutes read

This is it! The big moment has arrived: our closed alpha is online. It's with great pleasure that we open our doors to you after months of hard work. But as we promised, you'll be able to play this summer!

Closed Alpha?

We're talking closed alpha here. It's closed because we need time to offer you the perfect tool for your needs. But as I said earlier, a lot of you have been asking for it, so we wanted to open Minimal Roleplay's doors to you as soon as possible. This will also enable us to get your feedback, which is very important for our further development.

Those who have unlocked their access will be able to create as many role-playing games as they wish, with no limit. Of course, those invited to play will not need to unlock their access; they will be able to join games, but will not be able to create their own.

Get your access

To gain access, simply unlock the 500-point tier of the rewards system. A system that also provides rewards for the launch of Minimal Roleplay.

Each player invited to play gives you 100 points, as does registration, so you'll unlock access to the alpha by inviting 4 people to play with you.

UPDATE: In response to your feedback, we have decided to reduce the number of points to 300, which is now the same as inviting 2 people.

Follow us on social networks, we'll be giving away points and exclusive rewards on a regular basis!

What's in the alpha?

We've talked about a lot of things on the Discord, so obviously this alpha doesn't contain all the features we want to develop. Think of it as a demo version of Minimal Roleplay.

It contains everything you need to write stories for several players. From dialogues and actions to dice rolls and message visibility, we invite you to discover our tutorial videos to learn more.

This alpha is here to stay, and we'll be adding patches and new features over the weeks leading up to the official release.

How will it work?

Throughout the life of Minimal Roleplay, you'll be invited to give us feedback if you wish, as we aim to create a powerful community tool based on your feedback and needs, while focusing development on accessibility for all.

We won't be imposing any gaming limits, so you can have as much fun as you like for as long as you want. But please bear with us if any bugs appear - remember, this is a demo version!

Oh, and all your game data will be preserved when you upgrade to the final version!

Thank you

Of course, all this was made possible thanks to all the people around me. My wife, Sana, who has been a great support, and Soartiz, my former apprentice, who developed the bulk of the system, are both associated with this project.

But it would have been nothing without you, so I'll take a moment below to mention all the members of our Discord. 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and I wish you, as our butler would say, a excellent day and good roleplay 💜

Grace, without whom the project would not have restarted a year ago.

Abide Asteria, Amandine, Bloodymeister, Camille, Etimo, FormerlyKnownAsEmily, Hortense, Kartage, Nanou, Nutylous, Professor, Skycun, Rhaven, Inora, Kazuma, Onilinkblue, Akastukye, qjm1, Teetengee, Tsuna, Virlez, Zakiou, AdmiralStarNight, CMB, Critical Mits, LeRenardeau, Starlight, weird tinker, Alastor, Alioune Fall, CHIMERYUS, dee, EL SANTY, Folas, headofhydra, Heotic, Jonas Stoy, jouel, Lauriane, Lucas, LukeDaLoop, Lydoo, MagnumCrow, Moonstripe, Profdephilo.exe, Slashoroide, Killian, Edyscis, Sandra, ScarletMagi, Shatargat, Storka, TetraLlama, The Electric Magician, Under_player, Vexuren, wingslikecards, Winthorp, Zakaarus

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