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The lost manor
is released

@illuday · Nov 04, 2023 · 5 minutes read

The new major update for Minimal Roleplay has arrived, and there's a lot to talk about! The update includes onboarding, a complete overhaul of the systems and a host of fixes and improvements for your daily life.

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The official application is out

It's funny because, if you go back a month and a half, we had absolutely no plans to develop an application... And then we saw that quite a few people were asking the same question about the availability of an MRP app, so... We first started with a PWA, which really didn't convince us. Quite simply, it wasn't accessible enough; people weren't used to it, and that made itself felt. So we looked for a possible bridge between a real application and our PWA. And we succeeded, Apple was a bit slow on the validation, which is why you saw a connect with Apple button appear, but we managed to get it through. 

The application is now available on the official Play Store and App Store stores.

Download on the Google Play
Download on the Appstore

The team is growing!

It wasn't a secret, mainly to members of our Discord community, but now Lucas — who has been working on Minimal Roleplay from the start — is officially joining Minimal Roleplay full-time!

Lucas has been my apprentice on my previous projects, so it was a natural step for him to join me and for me to be able to officially share Minimal Roleplay with him. He's joining us as lead developer, but above all as a partner in the project.

With Sana, Lucas and I, the family is complete and we're more than determined to speed up the development of Minimal Roleplay, and you'll see, the next few months are going to be full of new things.

Enter our manor house

First and foremost a tutorial

The focus of this update is on welcoming our new members. The idea is to make understanding Minimal Roleplay easier and more fun.

To make this possible, we have created a scenario system that you can play on your own. This system has been used to create a tutorial, which will guide you through Minimal Roleplay.

It launches automatically when you create or log in to your account, and takes you deep into the woods of Emim to meet an enigmatic butler.

How does it work?

You will evolve through a short, unpretentious scenario, in which all the basic notions of text-based roleplay are present. Like a role-playing game, you will have to make choices that will shape your adventure.

All the basics are covered, including actions, speaking, dice rolls, etc. This will give even beginners a good idea of how to get started and play Minimal Roleplay!

A single-player mode for Minimal Roleplay?

We're not aiming to become a single-player platform, but we can't help thinking about making this adventure system accessible to our community, so that you too can create your own scenarios.

We will always give priority to multiplayer, but we know that many players don't have any games going on, or are waiting to join one. This game mode could be a real complement to the Minimal Roleplay experience.

That's why we're starting work on a script editor. Of course, no release date will be announced for the moment, but we'll be listening to your feedback. Don't hesitate to come and tell us if this editor and this feature interest you on our Discord.

Fundamental overhaul

It may not sound like much to the average person, but we've redesigned our architecture, and in particular all the visual elements of the application: text, form elements, buttons, etc.

The aim of this overhaul is to prepare for the long-awaited character sheet update!

I won't go into too much detail on this subject, but you should know that it represents a huge part of this update. But now that it's done, development will accelerate dramatically. We'll say it was a necessary evil!

Other small additions

Actions in speaking interactions

It was so divisive! We were asked several times to merge the actions and dialogues, and some people were against it... For the sake of accessibility for novices, we didn't want to group these interactions together.

So that everyone can find their way around, we've added some formatting that does the job. So writing a part of your message between two brackets will include an action in your dialogue. Let's see how it works in practice:

Salut tout le monde ((en secouant la main au dessus de sa tête)). Je vous souhaite la bienvenue. ((S'incline.))

A message field that adapts

Game masters, we see you in your little text field writing your 100 lines of description! OK, so... We've updated our message interface to make it a bit more user-friendly.

Suppress dice rolls

Yes! BUT... Only the master of the game has this power. We can already see you rerolling your bad rolls before the others see it.

Faster notifications

We've had a lot of complaints about notifications arriving at random, so we've improved our system so that they take priority and arrive as quickly as possible on your phone.

Translated articles

We've added a real translation system for blog posts. So from now on, you'll have articles in French and English.

Lots more

Of course, a whole host of additional fixes and optimisations have been made to Minimal Roleplay. See the changelog for details.

The last word

We hope you enjoy this update.

Thanks again for your support, the community is becoming increasingly active and we're getting lots of positive feedback. We look forward to updating the character sheets very soon!

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