After the success of Async Roleplay, I've decided to give it many new features and to make roleplay even more easier. For this occasion, I decided to rename AsyncRoleplay and to refine the UI/UX to make it more understandable and accessible.

You'll meet the new version of Minimal Roleplay soon, I'm working really hard on it :) You can join the official Discord to get more informations, or just subscribe to this newsletter, I'll keep you in touch!

Join us See you soon!

Of course, every accounts, every tables, every messages from this version will be available in minimal roleplay, so... Keep playing ^.^

A new way to play
roleplaying game online

AsyncRoleplay provides a smart layout to do asynchronous textual roleplay online. Stop playing on Discord or forums, every tools you need are here. Create your own way to play with your friends and have fun!


Creating my own role-playing game, and being far from my players, I wanted to create a tool allowing us to play online without having to be connected in real time. I know that a lot of people play on forums or on Discord, but I don't find that suitable. That's why I created Async Roleplay.


How it works?

Game masters create tables, they can invite any player to play on it. Each player, even the GM, can send messages, as emotes or dialogs, throw dices, manage visibilities of them. Everything is asynchronous, you can leave the table and come back later to read all messages you miss.

Help me to build a better tool

Join me on discord, share your ideas, your problems and let's create together a better roleplay tool. Discord is available for french and english speakers.

New features

Big mobile opti!NEW!

Table have now a really better layout making navigation on smartphone faster and easier. The navigation bar also had a rework to be more accessible on the bottom of the screen.

Character sheet!NEW!

You can now upload your character sheet and add texts on it. Add yours, consults those of other players.


Players and GM's can now throw many dices. D4 to D20 with or without modifier. You choose! Let's roll some!


Set the visibility of your messages, allowing only certain players to see those. Ideal to simulate whispers or actions that only few people can see or hear.

GM's functions More tools soon!

The GM is the most important role of the game. It's therefore important to provide him with a panel of tools, allowing him to act on the game.


Warn of your character's actions is essential. Emotes are highlighted and appear differently from dialog messages.

Weekly features

Depending on the enthusiasm of the application and the needs of GMs and players, I'll develop many new features with total transparency that you can already find in the patchnote page.